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Fairway Exclusive Estate



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Invest with confidence in this unique estate!


Consider the idea of living in this exceptional estate regardless of whether you play golf or not. Once you move in, the surprising benefits will keep rolling in, least of all you will have a massive beautifully landscaped backyard that you don't need to maintain!!


Let’s not forget one of the most compelling reasons to living on a Golf Course… Golf, anytime you want! Imagine leaving your house and being at the clubhouse in less than five minutes or just relax under your alfresco and watch the action on the fairway!!


Don’t think you need to be a golf enthusiast to enjoy this lifestyle as general quality of life in such an estate can be greatly enhanced living around like-minded people possibly sharing similar interests and who also take pride in their properties.



  • 14 Strata Titled lots all front row to the Fairway! 17 Green Titled lots with 9 front row to the Fairway, plus 2 Triplex lots and 1 Duplex lot!
  • Commercial Opportunity! 2273m2 Multi-Unit / Multi-Storey Site 1013m2 Multi-Unit / Multi-Storey Site
  • Merion Mews Over 55’s Gated Estate’ offering you 6 beautifully designed, elevated homes to choose from, all enjoying unobstructed, simply stunning views over the remarkable natural setting of the Sun City Country Club Golf Course and with the added ad
  • There is a distinct advantage of being higher than the course and living overlooking the fairway is much more desirable than the tee or green.
  • There is the advantage of the elevated aspect, being higher than the course so you can overlook the fairway which even more desirable than views of the tee or green.
  • Then there is that certain level of prestige attached to living in an upscale development along a golf course as the sport has always had a luxurious appeal.
  • Resale value!! You may find that the resale value is excellent as values can hold strongly because of the view and the overall atmosphere of an estate. Although the real estate market changes and values fluctuate due to multiple factors, properties that a
  • Astute buyers understand the value of living front-row to a golf course as there are only so many blocks available with the future lack of new supply invariably boosting prices.
  • There’s nothing like having a view with this one being beautifully maintained a pleasure to look out on every day.
  • FIRST HOME BUYERS BE QUICK!! CONTACT THE AGENT ABOUT ARRANGING A HOUSE AND LAND PACKAGE AND BE ELLIGIBLE FOR THE EXTRA $5000 GRANT! $15,000 FHBG Until 1st July 2017 An ‘off the plan’ home contract, must have been entered into  on or after 1 January 201


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